Over the last two days I heard about New Year’s Resolutions from my friends that included the desire to lose weight, practice yoga more often, fall in love, be more grateful and find meaningful work. If you are thinking about making a list of things you would like to do in 2011, one way to set yourself up for success is to remember that your dream is fueled by your dedication to it every day of the year. Gratitude for just how far you have come over the last year will give you the open hearted courage that you need to devote yourself to actualizing your dreams in the world. A New Year’s Resolution only has the power to transform your life if you devote yourself to it with the same fervor in October as you do when you proclaim in in January. Inside of you is the energy that creates worlds–use every second of your life to harness that limitless capacity with humility, grace and ease and you will release the power to see every dream you have come to fruition. Don’t quit on yourself before you feel just how powerful you truly are. Use this time of year to cast a self-reflective gaze on the past, release your ambitions about the future with non-attachment and ground yourself in the harmonious, humble work of the present moment. It is your tenacity that holds the key to more happiness, peace and joy than you ever thought possible.

Kino MacGregor

Kino is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher and co-founder of Miami Life Center.