I attended the 7:30 PM Ashtanga Basics class. I left my apartment at 6 PM because I wasn’t sure about Dallas traffic and by 6:20 PM I was sitting in the lobby. Started browsing a very interesting book, Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith. It’s definitely on my list of to-read books.

After doing mysore classes for two years, it’s hard to participate in a guided class because I am so in tune with my own rhythm. That’s why mysore Ashtanga appealed to me right off the bat because I could go at my own pace. In regular guided classes, I always felt rushed, never able to stay and get to know the pose.

Since this is my second day of practice and the first day of my moon cycle (I know you’re not supposed to practice for the first 3 days, but I couldn’t not practice today. I just avoided inversions like a good yogi), I pushed myself to a healthy boundary and took it slow when others pushed on. The most effective practice is that of ahimsa, not harming the body with violent ambition and reckless endangerment. It’s hard to do that when I remember where I used to be and I want to force myself to be there again. I have to remember the words of Guruji, “Do your practice and all is coming,” and know that with patience and compassion, I will progress.

Tomorrow I will have to practice at home because I have to work late.