It was June 2008. I had recently started a new job on Lincoln Road and was looking for a studio to practice. I googled South Beach yoga studios. Miami Life Center was the only place that had a 6 AM class. Perfect, I thought, even though I had no idea what “mysore yoga” was.

I walked into the shala and had no clue about anything. It was dark and I was sleepy. Tim walked over and introduced himself to me and asked me if I had ever done mysore yoga. I said, “No.” The rest of the class changed my life. He walked me through Surya Namaskara A & B and maybe the first 3 asanas of the primary series. I wanted to cry. It had been over a year since I had practiced any type of yoga and I was embarrassed. My embarrassment was a fire that drove me to want to practice more, to learn more, to never let myself get to that point. So I embarked on a journey that has been unbelievable.

I thought of this experience today as I saw the instructor lead a newbie through the primary series. I sent the seed good vibes in hopes that it will blossom into a beautiful lifelong practice for the student.

Today I found myself to be sentimental. So this sadness reared its head in my practice today. I found myself to be agitated, frustrated and questioning myself. One of the things I found comforting was that there was a picture of Guruji in the shala. So he is there. The fundamental truth of the practice is there. I can doubt myself all I want, but I cannot do

During the practice, I was aware of the following:

1) I instantly rebel against authority figures or people I perceive to be in charge.

2) I waste the present moment agonizing about the past.

3) I do not practice ahimsa when it comes to myself.

4) I can feel the wall come down that keeps others out, especially new people.

5) I miss correction. I miss being pushed to do my best.

6) This path will take even more discipline now that I’m here.

7) I need to let this experience be unique. This is not the Miami chapter of my life. This is the Dallas chapter. I am the only constant in the equation, so if I feel lonely, it is because of me letting that wall come down.

8 ) This is a great opportunity to practice detachment.

In addition, a good old friend came to visit  –marichyasana c. I was able to bind it with the instructor’s help.

The ice is melting. “Do your practice and all is coming.”