Cold and tight. That sums up how I felt today during practice. I couldn’t bind Marichysana B, which made me feel like a loser. The girl next to me was taking her first mysore class and I agreed with the lady on the other side of her: she’s a natural ashtangi. I hope she sticks with it.

I’m currently working on my attitude: allowing myself to be in the moment without judgment. Letting my body remember its practice and gently pushing forward. My thought of the day was, “This practice was here long before me and it will outlast me.

Nature gave me a beautiful surprise: it started snowing as I finished my practice. I sat in amazement and watched the flakes flurry. Miami, in all its glory (and don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful), could not have produced a moment so pure and awesome. So there is something to be said about life: being in a different space can bring miracles of its own.