There have been so many things I’ve wanted to say. Sometimes I find that when I have so much to say I end up saying nothing at all. February has been a hard month. I got sick again, this time to the point where I had to take antibiotics and stay in bed for days on end. The snow days didn’t help either. Couldn’t leave the house, couldn’t leave the bed. Obviously that really put a damper on my practice. I’m still trying to get into the swing of things.

Personally things are coasting. Work is good. I enjoy helping my guys with their career. I hope that I positively impact their lives, even if it’s only in a small way. I get frustrated sometimes, but at least now I know that my efforts really go to changing someone’s life.

One of the yoga instructors looks like my old boss. You can imagine how disconcerted I felt, walking thru the hall and nearly gasping as I happened to peek into a shala. I’m still not over it and I find myself wondering where this road will lead me next. I will always try to be comfortable with uncertainty. I still haven’t figured out how one can ever be truly comfortable with change. However, surviving last year lets me know that when God has something in store for you, nothing can stop it. It all unfolds according to his precious timing.

The relationship that I was hoping would pull through did not make it. . I was surprised that I found my heart to be so tender (caught myself almost crying), but it made me feel good to know that I’m still alive and that I am still capable of caring. There’s so much to the story, but it’s not really important to me to share.

I was able to practice yesterday and today, even though my upper back is stiff with tension. But I keep reminding myself of Guruji’s words and the fact that the only moment I have is now. It doesn’t matter what happened (or didn’t happen) yesterday or last week. I have right now to practice. I have the most beautiful opportunity: the gift of now.

I dedicated my practice to my students. May they find what they seek and may God bless their journey. I also dedicated my practice to my former boss. May he be blessed with peace.

I thank God for my practice and for this journey called life.